Promaster 1500 Whiteout


We're really in a pickle

Our customer wanted a clean, bright interior with a hint of farmhouse flare. We chose solid white features with a white wash pickling treatment for the wood while the countertop and table showed a deeper, dark grain. The result: an airy, refreshing look to this custom designed 1500.




Hidden Shower

Open sesame! Tucked into the kitchen cabinet lies a full, standup shower.

table feature detail

Transform Again!

Convertible Table

It's a bed. It's a bench. It's a table. It's a bedchable?


Light & Breezy

Skylight & Fan

With a large skylight above the bed and fan in the front, plenty of fresh air flows.

Ready To Build Your Own?

Shoot us an email with your van size, brand and must have options and we'll send over our pricing sheet and begin the design process.