Ram Promaster 1500 Hightop Conversion


Promaster 1500 One

This is a 2015 Ram Promaster 1500 High Top van fully converted into a custom camper. This is the 136” wheelbase model, meaning that it will fit into any normal parking space. Perfect for stealth camping and avoiding those pesky RV parking fees. This Promaster is fully insulated, ventilated, and properly mold/ water-proofed underneath the flooring.

Key Features

DSC_2883 copy

The Kitchen

Just because you're on the road doesn't mean you can't have designer appliances.

DSC_2904 copy

The Bed

Will a full sized, memory foam bed, you'll laugh at hotel dwellers and sleep like a baby, wherever your little heart desires.

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With solar, or shore, powered 12v and 110v outlets, 8 LEDs, a 2 way, 3 speed fan and more, you'll be comfy day and night.


- Fully custom built wood interior

- Padded bed area walls

- Designer Sink with electric and hand pump option

- High end two burner stove top with electric start (Gas stoves are no longer offered. Electric cooktop only.)

- Hardwood countertop

- Ceiling fan - 3 speed, reversible

- Side window - slide open screen and window

- Full size bed with 5” memory foam mattress

- 4 LED lights overhead - dimmable

- 2 LED lights over kitchen

- Garage LED light

- Waterproof vinyl/ faux wood flooring with anti-mold underlayment and insulation

- Pull out bench with hidden, flushing portable toilet

- 12V and 110V outlets for charging/ powering nearly anything

- Solar Power System

---2 100W Monocrystalline solar panels mounted on the roof

---30 Amp shore power outlet for campsites

---400 AWH deep cell battery (Customer upgrade. Not shown)

---Renogy 1000W pure sine wave inverter/ charger

---Charge controller with remote display in kitchen

---This system is more than enough to run all included equipment day and night.

- Full blackout curtains for window and cockpit

- Outdoor, power shower

- Refrigerator 1 Cu Ft.

- 4 new tires

- New brakes

- And so much more!!!!

Next Steps...

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