Here in Southern California it seems like everyone has a truck. And, why not? With supreme versatility, rugged build and ever rising fuel economy, trucks make the perfect vehicle for camping and working. Enter the truck bed system. Shown here inside my very own Nissan Titan, this version accommodates my surfing, camping and cooking needs in two, simple, yet robust boxes. With one full extension drawer on the passenger side and a wide open space on the driver's side with a pop out panel in the rear to reach that pesky bar of wax that I accidentally chucked in the back.

This configuration can be modified to fit your vehicle and your needs and starts at $1,500. This includes one drawer side, one open side, stained and coated cabinet fronts and top shelf. Options such as a second drawer, rubber mats for the top and full stain and coat (seen here) are available for a modest fee.

Key Features



Wood, not syrup.

All truck bed systems are constructed using sustainably sourced Maple Ply. This means your system looks amazing and lasts long.



Full Extension Drawer

These drawers are constructed to your liking and can be configured to suit your needs. Shown here accommodating a camping stove with a removable top for stowing and cooking.


Large Item Area

Store surfboards, snowboards and more!

Get the full use of your truck bed with a deep, wide cabinet with a rear, top-side access port. Bring umbrellas, chairs, water toys and more on your adventure while keeping them tucked away while you sleep.

Ready To Buy?

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